CS in Review
A weekly roundup of my favorite papers/articles

About me

Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and may not reflect those of any employer - past, previous, or current.

I started out in Engineering Physics and fortuitously meandered my way into software engineering. I'm currently a staff engineer at Meta. Prior to that I was a Senior Software Developer working at Amazon, and before that I was in FinTech and Photonics research.

Where I used to write quick Python scripts, these days I enjoy building large distributed systems. Any expertise I have there is only through experience, and the help of amazing colleagues who helped me get to where I'm at now.

About the site

I started this site to fill the void left by the morning paper going on hiatus. I needed a "reading-fix", and figured I might as well be my own supplier. I'm putting it up in the hope that other people find it useful as well.

I have zero expertise in most things computer-science, but over the course of the year I'm going to be posting what I like to read and explaining papers or articles that I found interesting.

As always - take everything I say with a mountain of salt, and where possible, validate with people smarter than some random dude on the internet.