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The Software Ark: Issue 18

Mon 06 March 2023 / the-software-ark

Quote of the week

Cryptography is the art of transforming information security problems into key management problems. -- Unknown


Traits of exceptional engineers

  1. Exceptional engineers…are ambitious and determined
  2. Exceptional engineers…habitually simplify
  3. Exceptional engineers…can debug anything, quickly
  4. Exceptional engineers…help others be great
  5. Exceptional engineers…know what’s valuable
  6. Exceptional engineers…are creative and positive

Dealing with uncertainty

Reduce uncertainty by:

  1. Defining your goals
  2. Prototyping
  3. Mocking and using a high-fidelity UX
  4. Doing some Fermi calculations
  5. Building against contracts
  6. Mocking API-calls and returns
  7. Using feature-flags to launch controlled deployments

Dark Patterns: A chrome extension to steal data

Why you need to read your EULAs and be careful what you consent to.

Design for Habitability

At the end of the day, people have to "live" in your platform... and if it doesn't let them, then they won't want to.


Your moment of Zen

When your PM goes on vacation....